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Hello and welcome on the dev'blog page of PolygonSnake !
PolygonSnake is a game build for mobile device !
It build to be played with touch screen, but it may be available for computer throught the Unity web browser plug-in.

#18: Alpha preview 03.12.15
Here is an all new alpha preview of the game... again :D

This time we make the game run on Android device.
But we had a problem : We would like the game runs at 60 FPS (Frame Per Second) but it ran only at 45/47FPS on
Samsung Galaxy S4.

The tile colors is final, we had 6 shades of green.

We reduce the polycount of many object like the fences.

We also add some new fruits.
#17: Alpha preview (again)
Here is an all new alpha preview of the game.
In this video, the snake can move eat fruits, grow and lost parts if he eat himself or hit and obstacle on the area.

The "hexatiles" (hexagons)color is not final yet.

#16: Quick 3D preview
Hey folks !
Here a quick preview of a 3D scene with the game's assets !
#15: Fruits and vegetables...

Here are some new fruits and vegetables.

I wanted to add some vegetables to have more kind of bonuses

Fruits & vegetables will help the snake to grow.
Bigger fruits will make it grow faster than smaller ones.

I don't know yet what will happen if the snake eat the pimento.

Fruits' colors are updated.

More fruits will come soon :)

#14: New challengers has come !!

Not one but two guys come to help me !

Alesk and Kryel, coming from Unity3D France's forum replied to my last post asking for help.
Both are quite talented, few days after they joined the team, we already could build level and move inside.

Note : To start a new clean project we do not use the job done by the previous main programmer.
But of course, we keep all the graphic assets done !

#13: A new challenger will come !

Unfortunately, the main programmer doesn't have enought time to work with me...
But don't worry the game is still in progress !

Stay tuned !

#12: Updated elements

New elements have been added to the game !
Some fruits and some new background's elements !
Here is also a two new worlds's theme: Desert and Snow !

All the elements are not finished yet, but I couldn't wait to show you the first one ^_^
The font of the game "Pixels Carré" has been updated too.

If you like the font, you can download it for free.

#11: Updated elements
Here a new preview screen of the game with some new elements like herbs, trees, fences and coins.

Before we worked with "beast" the baking light engine of Unity, but it was hard to have a good render.
So we decided to remove all lightmap and work without them.

The baking is directly done in our 3D modeling software and rendered as diffuse texture.
#10: First real time video
Finally the first real time video ^_^
#09: Ambiant mood updated !
We're looking for a better render of the game.

So we changed the textures by includind the ambiant occlusion effect directly inside the texture for all 3d models.
Like that we have a better day light without using real time shadows.
#08: Designing the UI.
Monsieur Raton has made some example of the game's UI

#07: Reach the arena's goal !
Now, we can reach the goal of the test-level by eating all the fruits found.

Cayou broke the limitation of the terrain size!
Before Unity crashed if the size was bigger thand 40x40, now we can build huuuge arenas :)
#06: Building a new test-level
We quickly built a new test-level with trees, rocks and a cave as exit.
#05: Growing snake
The snake can grow by eating fruits in the arena.
#04: 3D models updated !
Monsieur Raton has added some trees and rocks.
#03: First levels
Cayou has made a level editor in Unity!
Now, wa can create and move he snake on the grid and die by hitting the wall !
#02: Very first 3D models
Monsieur Raton added the very first 3D model of the game: the ground elements called "hexatiles"
He also added the first version of the font which it will be use in the game : "Pixel Carrés".
#01: Eveything has a begining...
Cayou and Monsieur Raton decided to work together to build a nice game with Unity Editor.

The game will be available for PCs with the Unity web browser plug-in and for iOs and Android system.
The game is built to work on Android & iOs device.